Duck gets eaten by fish

Duck gets eaten by fish

Distraught owner watches as funeral for his pet goldfish is gate-crashed by a hungry duck who EATS the animal

Arran Uzsoy shared a video on Snapchat after realising his pet was dead when he had gone out with friends

Arran decided to give Dave a decent send-off by pouring out the bowl into a local lake in Worksop, while playing Whitney Houston

But just a split second after the emotional moment, a hungry duck thought he had spotted lunch, and swam over to eat Arran’s pet.

Arran shared his 29-second video on Facebook on Monday with the caption: ‘When the fish’s funeral doesn’t go to plan.’

The video has since been viewed an incredible 3.6 million times with over 100, 000 shares and likes and countless more comments from fellow users.

But within seconds of the watery burial, Dave was eaten by a ravenous duck who mistook the animal for lunch

Arran couldn’t believe what he had seen and was devastated by the gate-crash. He later shared the video and it has been viewed thousands of times

The clip starts with a shot of a motionless Dave floating in his goldfish bowl with the caption: ‘Four day benders and pets are not a good mix.’

It then cuts to a teary-eyed Arran as he lies in bed with the caption: ‘I’m so sad I’ve lost Dave.’

The next snap records Arran walking with Dave in the bowl towards a pond asthe song ‘I Will Always Love You’ blares out in the background.

He then pours the contents of the bowl, including Dave, into the pond before a duck comes along and picks up Dave in his mouth.

The clip ends with the duck swimming away as Arran screams: ‘No, Dave, come back.’

Speaking about his video, Arran said: ‘I came back from being out with my friend and Dave was dead and I’ve had that fish for so long.

‘I was so upset so I recorded myself crying to put it on Snapchat and then I filmed the funeral and put it all together.

‘It was just to show my friends on Facebook how shocked I was at what happened, never did I think it would go viral and so many people would see the video.’

Facebook users have been quick to react to the viral clip.

Nicole Finlay Thomson wrote: ‘It’s so sad but funny.’

Image by MabelAmber from Pixabay