Duck eggs hatching

Duck eggs hatching

Duck Hatching Eggs

Besides ducklings, we also sell duck hatching eggs for those of you that want to incubate and hatch your own ducklings at home or at school. If your goal is only to get ducklings, it is better to order the ducklings. If you want your class or your children to experience the incubation and hatching experience, we can supply you the eggs.

The hatching eggs are one half the price of the ducklings. Our minimum charge for the eggs is $31 and we have specially designed foam packaging for which we must charge $5 for every 20 eggs. They are sent by priority mail and should be to you within 3-4 days. All eggs sent were laid the day of shipping or the day before. They should be set within seven days of our shipping them. The ideal holding temperature before setting is 60 degrees. As incubation times vary due to the incubator temperature, we recommend placing the eggs in the incubator during the middle of the week if you are hatching these in a classroom. This way you are sure they will be hatching during the week and not over the weekend.

We will guarantee that at least 80% of the eggs you buy are fertile. But there are some requirements. You must candle the eggs within 14 days of our ship date and notify us at that time if the fertility is not at least 80%. If for example, you buy 10 eggs but receive 11 (we often send an extra), there must be at least 8 fertile eggs (.8 x 10). If there are only 7 fertile eggs, we will credit your credit card or refund you for one egg. However, we cannot guarantee that the fertile eggs will hatch. That is entirely dependent on the incubator and we have no control over the quality or care of the incubator. So if you phone us after they hatch (or don’t hatch), we cannot help you. You must call us immediately after candling the eggs. Though we do not guarantee hatchability, we know of no other hatchery that guarantees fertility.

Candling the eggs is simple. In a dark room, remove the eggs one at a time from the incubator and shine a bright light into them – usually a powerful small flashlight is best. Use your hand or a towel to wrap around the flashlight so all the light goes into the egg. A fertile egg will show blood veins and a darker orange color to it than an infertile egg. If you are not sure, get a chicken egg from your refrigerator and candle that. This will show you the appearance of an infertile egg. For pictures and more detailed information on candling, go to our Egg Candling Page. We also have incubation instructions at Incubating And Hatching Duck Eggs.

We will include incubation instructions with each set of hatching eggs. It is important, however, to make sure your incubator is working and able to maintain a stable temperature before you order your eggs.

If you are interested in larger quantities of duck hatching eggs (more than 25 of any single breed), please contact us directly for pricing.

Order Hatching Eggs

Breed Price Per Egg Quantity

Our minimum charge for eggs is $31. In addition there is a $5 charge for the special foam packaging we use for every 20 eggs ordered plus the actual postage charges. The eggs are mailed by priority mail and should arrive within 2-4 days.

Image by Bernell MacDonald from Pixabay