Reliable Control Of Your Four-Legged Friend

Reliable Control Of Your Four-Legged Friend

There are two problems with a pet in the country and in the backyard — to protect it from such dangers as passing cars, and to save garden beds, the garden in general from turning into a toilet and a place for digging holes. offers hidden fences for such protection.

Operating principle

Operating principle
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A wire hidden in the ground transmits a harmless radio signal. There are wireless systems. When the dog approaches the border, this radio signal causes the first warning sound signal to sound in the receiver of the dog’s collar. If your pet continues to come closer to the border, the system gives a slight electrical effect. If the pet goes on approaching the border, the system exerts a stronger electrical effect until the dog returns to the boundaries you have created.

Terms of Use

invisible fence
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When choosing an invisible fence for a pet, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Wired or wireless. The latter, of course, is easier to install, but you should remember that the permitted zone will extend in all directions from the transmitter, which is not always possible in areas of irregular shape. A wired invisible fence can be laid as anywhere.
  • Range of action. It must be regulated! If the site is large, you will need a more powerful transmitter, designed for at least 150 meters.
  • The ability to adjust the strength of the electric pulse. Usually there are three of them — weak, medium and strong discharge. Some large and very active dogs may ignore weak signals altogether, others will simply have to vibrate to change the direction of running.
  • The ability to connect two or more collars to one transmitter. A very useful option for those who have several pets.
  • The convenience of setting up and the presence of remote control, which is very useful, for example, in the process of training a dog.
  • Battery life in the collar, battery capacity, how fast batteries charge.

The width of the collar and the ability to adjust its length.

Important point

Important point
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Nota bene! Since dogs have individual temperaments, there is no way to know in advance how your pet will react when using this product. To ensure the safety of your pet, initial training should take place using a long leash to constantly monitor the situation. You should also remember that an aggressive animal can turn against the trainer after receiving exposure. Therefore, sometimes you should consult with a certified animal behavior specialist before using this product.

Image by Tania Dimas from Pixabay