How to choose a healthy Maine Coon kitten

How to choose a healthy Maine Coon kitten

Maine Coon cats are incredibly popular due to their spectacular appearance and similarity to lynxes. However, before choosing a pet, it is worth learning more about this breed.

Pros and cons

Maine Coon cats are strongly
Image by Kanashi from Pixabay

Potential owners most often choose a Maine Coon cat because of its impressive size and cute tassels on the ears. Despite the majestic appearance, the breed representatives are affectionate and contactable.

Maine Coon cats are strongly attached to the owner. They are not capricious or vindictive. Thanks to their high intelligence, these cats quickly get used to doing everything in the right place.

Maine Coon cats not aggressive at all. They easily find a common language with children, and with other pets, even ducks.

Of the disadvantages, Maine Coon cats have a thick and lush coat, and they shed very abundantly. They eat quite a lot. Kittens are also very active. To avoid destruction, you need to devote a lot of time to your pet.

 How to choose the right kitten

 How to choose the right kitten
Image by Xaya from Pixabay

In order not to be disappointed in the future, you need to choose a kitten after careful preparation. It is important to study the breed standards, determine the goals for which the Maine Coon is bred, and find a responsible breeder.

Characteristic physical parameters of kittens:

  • large and heavy head with developed cheekbones;
  • large and wide ears with pointed tips;
  • wide-set eyes;
  • elongated and muscular body;
  • long and smooth tail;
  • smooth, silky coat.

When a Maine Coon kitten does not have any of these signs, doubts arise about its pedigree.

Image by Kanashi from Pixabay