ducks and cats

Can ducks and cats live in the same garden?

The main food in the wild for representatives of small cats is mouse. Rodents are easy to catch for a cat, because its hunting behavior is embedded in unconditional reflexes. It is the reflexes that make the cat run after a fur mouse or a ball.

Ducks are much more difficult to catch, so only well-fed cats have fun this way. But the prey of cats is usually ducklings that have just left the nest, or sick individuals. Just in case, you should protect the birds from the claws of a cat. You can do this by using the service of cat grooming in Columbus, Ohio.

If a cat tries to get a bird, then you can spray it with water from a spray bottle, clap your hands loudly, shout.

Both chickens and ducks perfectly distinguish their cats from other people’s animals, even the same color.

The cat quickly gets used to the birds living with her. But it is desirable that small birds are still in the cage if there is a cat in the garden.

Of course, it’s easier if the cat is calm and adult.  A kitten, of course, will try to get a bird. Neutered cats are less likely to hunt birds.

Breeds of cats that have recently been bred or are close to wild ancestors, such as Siberian, Norwegian forest or Bengal, are more prone to hunting birds, but Persian and exotic cats are almost indifferent to birds.

Be patient and your cat will be loyal to your birds.

Image by tookapic from Pixabay