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Photo by Davyd Bortnik from Pexels

Is it worth getting a snake as a pet?

If you are curious about the movement of snakes, admire their grace and cannot take your eyes off their bright colors, you should seriously consider acquiring this reptile. If you have any questions about their keeping, follow the link

  1. Nutrition

The advantage here is the need to feed it once a week, during periods of molting or hibernation even less often.

  1. Treating

Each snake has different comfort conditions. Ball pythons, for example, are less hardy than corn snakes, so the correct temperature in a terrarium is very important. It would be easier for you to choose now, Ball Python vs. Corn Snake, but here you still decide in appearance what you like best if you do not want to decide on the conditions of keeping.

  1. Safe for human or not

Snakes do not cause allergies – this is the biggest plus. Despite the bright and catchy appearance, almost all snakes sold today are not poisonous. You can pick them up, stroke them with your finger – the domestic snake will not attack.

  1. Attractive appearance

The main plus is the abundance of colors of snake scales attracts attention. From snow-white to incredibly colorful, bright and multi-colored. This makes domestic snakes attractive, even those who usually claim that they cannot stand snakes are drawn to terrariums with a bright pet.

  1. Availability

Such an exotic pet has long ceased to be a rarity. Now sites with ads are full of offers for the sale of home-breeding snakes. Relatively low price plays a positive role in the purchase decision.

If you follow the simple rules of keeping, the domestic snake will delight you with its appearance for many years. But even such an unpretentious pet will have to be periodically shown to the veterinarian.